One to One Coaching & Relationship Counseling for Couples

Relationships can be challenging! But remember all challenges ultimately help us grow!

The most common issue that can arise in all forms of relationships is communication.

Bear in mind that most communication is unconscious so you could be saying all the ‘right things’ but not get the desired result!

During your one to one coaching consultation we focus on the individual (even when working with couples!)

The energy in which we communicate will dictate how and what is received by the other party

Your emotional state is integral to creating a deeper connection with another (oh and the stronger the connection you have with yourself the more powerful your communication will be!)

Connection, communication and clarity/clear expectations are cornerstones of meaningful and effective relationships. It doesn’t mean if you don’t feel you have these that relationships are wrong or bad. It simply means that for a relationship to grow it helps to start with these.

And that’s exactly how I roll with people.

  • Connecting within (listening to yourself – yes without judgement!)
  • Communicating with your heart ( I guide you through this)
  • Curbing your unrealistic expectations of yourself and others.

I have worked successfully with the following relationship dynamics

  • Parent/child not listening to you, getting angry and frustrated, feel disconnected
  • Couples not felt heard, needs aren’t been met, frustrated, stuck/stagnant, intimacy issues
  • Individual – seeking a relationship, afraid of being hurt, afraid of being on own, scared from past experiences, looking to break unhelpful behavioural patterns from past relationships