Performance Coaching for Business Owners & Entrepreneurs

Having clear strategies to perform at your best are vital.

It’s your own personal process that will contribute greatly to your outcome.

But what if you have the strategies but there are underlying and unknown factors that are preventing you from performing to the best of your ability?

Belief systems, perception of self and stress (internal and external) can greatly affect your performance (sport, exams, career etc)

Within performance coaching we get clear on what’s working for you, what’s not and what could be improved.

In many cases it’s a matter of transferring pre -existing skills that you’re already using into the area you wish to improve your performance.

Mindset and emotional mastery/resilience are important skills to develop – we go deep on these too and formulate a bespoke framework that you can implement immediately to improve your performance.

I’ve worked successfully with:

  • Performance anxiety
  • Interview stress
  • Exam stress
  • Athletes – pre race nerves & goals
  • Football players