Barry Drew, Coach, Therpist & based in Co. Monaghan, Ireland

Hi I'm Barry Drew, a Transformational Coach for entrepreneurs, parents, high performers and all individuals who want meaningful relationships, build inner confidence, improve communication and release/overcome their past.

Mission: Free your past. Achieve your goals. Live a fulfilled life

I help you achieve your goals and feel fulfilled when you do.

Whether you are clear on what you want to achieve or don’t even know where to start,all change begins with you. Personal growth impacts all aspects of your life both personal and professional. The cliches are true - as you change, how you experience your world changes.

I help you close the gap from where you are to now what you want to achieve.

In order to grow and achieve the results you want in your relationship, business, family etc. it can require a change of behaviour, mindset and personal/business values.

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Consultations are available in person and online.